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Character Generation

Experience and Character Creation Points

In ULTRA, a character begins their career with 150 character creation points (CCP). You will use these points to purchase all of your skills and body points. A player is free to add disadvantages to his or her character to raise their starting CCP by an amount to be decided upon how severe the disadvantage is. It is encouraged for you to spend some time in creating you character in terms of skills especially. This adds a greater depth to your character and also helps give you more satisfaction in role-playing your character.

Your character will hopefully live from event to event and they will grow from the experience. A character will receive 5 CCP per in game day for attending the event, these points are guaranteed no matter what event they attend. Any additional points will be announced before the event takes place.

A player may also spend in-game money to receive up to fifteen (15) CCP for their character. This will cost the player In-game money at the rate expressed below.

CCP Gold CCP Gold CCP Gold
1 1 6 21 11 66
2 3 7 28 12 78
3 6 8 36 13 81
4 10 9 45 14 95
5 15 10 55 15 110

Character Creation points from other systems

ULTRA values role playing above all else, this was the purpose of designing the system. To support such ULTRA will give One (1) CCP for any non-ultra weekend event attended by the player. These events must be a weekend style LARP event, have any appropriate documentation upon the numbers of games played by the player and to have been sponsored by a LARPING system. This includes events the player may have attended before and/or after coming to ULTRA.

Character Creations Steps

  1. Pick a Character Name
  2. Pick Character’s Class
    1. Character Class information located at Class List and Class Chart.
    2. Remember to note Restrictions on skills and races.
    3. Some classes require specific costuming and roleplaying, and may also require a Character History to be developed and submitted to Plot
  3. Pick Race
    1. Character Race information located at Race List and Race Chart.
    2. Remember to note Restrictions on classes and skills.
    3. Most races require specific makeup and additional costuming choices.
  4. Pick Disadvantages, if desired
    1. All Disadvantages are optional, and will provide additional points for your Character.
    2. Disadvantages are listed on the Disadvantages Page.
  5. Pick Skills
    1. Skills are listed on the Main Skill List.
    2. Skill Base costs can be calculated as follows for each skill:
      1. Begin on the Class Chart and note the cost listed in the Base column for your class, and the multiplier in the Fighter/Scholar/Thief/General columns.
        1. Note: The Primary Categories of Racial and Universal are considered a multiplier cost of (x1) for all classes. They may be further modified as below, with the exception of the Craftsman Other Skill.
      2. Multiply, if necessary, then modify by any Advantages or Disadvantages if applicable. Any Advantages that list "Half Cost", you round up from this step, if necessary.
      3. Further modify the Base cost by any Advantages or Disadvantages on the Race Chart.
      4. Finally, if you had planned an appropriate Craftsman Skill to be applied to the specific skill, and it was approved by Plot, you may reduce the Base cost by one (1).
      5. Regardless of all the modifiers, the Base cost for any skill may not be below four (4).
    3. The only exemption from this rule is the Craftsman skill itself is always a Base cost of 5.
    4. Once you have determined your Base cost for the skills you are interested in, each level may be purchased, multiplied by the level you are purchasing.
      1. i.e. If the base cost is 5, level 1 costs 5 points, level 2 costs an additional 10, level 3 costs an additional 15, and so on.
    5. You may also, during this time decide on how you want to spend your Free Levels, listed on the Class Chart.
      1. Free Levels may be split among several skills, or spent all on one skill. Note if there is a Free Level Restriction for your specific Class.
      2. By default, it is assumined that the Free Levels are the highest cost levels of a skill, to save you as many Creation Points as possible.
      3. As you raise a skill level, you may raise the Free Level slots as well, so you are spending the lower CP amount later in your Character's Career.
      4. However, after Creation, if you want to change the skill any Free Level slots are applied to, you must have permission from Plot or Logistics.
  6. Develop Character History
    1. This is heavily suggested for all characters. A fleshed out history can help integrate you into plot and make your experience more enjoyable.
  7. Develop Costume (See the Roleplaying page for assistance)
  8. Practice Language (See the Roleplaying page for assistance)