Death and Dying

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Death, Dying and Beyond


If character’s body point totals are reduced to exactly zero (0) then the character is unconscious for the next ten Minutes. After that ten (10) Minutes, the character is at one (1) body and is conscience again.


If for any reason a character’s body points is reduced to below zero (-1) the character is dying or bleeding out. This last for one minute before the character is classified as dead. No amount of normal damage can reduce a character body point total beyond –1.

Killing blows

Placing a weapon on the body of the victim, or a hand six inches above the Chest of the victim does killing Blows in ULTRA, palm down, and in a three second count repeating the words “Killing Blow One… Killing Blow Two… Killing Blow Three”. Remember the no body contact rule till applies. The killing blow must be a full uninterrupted three seconds (taking body points, armor point damage, spell effects except for the activation of invisible armor, Immunity to Spell <xxxx>, other spell protection effects and deflection type spells). Also cutting off three limbs without the appropriate healing is considered a killing blow. A three second count is required for each limb and the person who cuts off the last limb is considered the person who delivers the killing blow for principles of revenge and curse spells.


Either after one (1) minute of the bleeding out period or after a character has received a killing blow the character is dead. The character has a five (5) minute count for any life effect to be able to be used., after the five(5) minute period a character is only able to come back into play after they resurrected. A character, when dead, can decide to go resurrect at any time during his count. The spirit of the character at this point is only able to find a resurrection pad or a character that had cast a spirit bind spell upon them. They cannot effect any other In-game situation or gain any In-game knowledge.


Resurrections in ULTRA are a little different than anywhere else. There are two primary ways to be resurrected and get back into play. After your five-minute death count, you are able to resurrect by

  1. If you have been the target of a spirit bind spell to a particular being (the spirit bind spell allows for your spirit to recognize the person who cast the spirit bind spell upon you by giving them a cold chill, eerie feeling, goose bumps, ect… ect…) The character who cast the spirit bind spell earlier knows only who the character is and if capable of means that will resurrect the spirit capable of doing so. Or
  2. Resurrection areas where any spirit may chose to resurrect as per the player’s decision. A spirit may sense weather the resurrection pad is safe or not and choose to resurrect there are go else where. At the resurrection pad there will be a card that explains how the resurrection pad works and will give a step by step procedure required for the character to be resurrected and get the character back into play. One of the steps is to always inform a marshal or logistics for the resurrection to be accounted for upon the player’s character sheet. There may also be certain other role playing requirements that will also be upon the resurrection card.


In ULTRA, aura represents how strong your spirit is. The more you resurrect the weaker your aura becomes. If at any time your aura score is above one hundred (100) and you are forced to resurrect, the resurrection fails and the character is permanently dead.

When a character has a considerable amount of skills it is harder for the aura to with stand resurrection. This represented by the following table.

# of events Aura % # of events Aura %
1-3 +11 36-44 +95
4-5 +22 45-54 +110
6-9 +33 55-65 +125
10-15 +45 6-77 +140
16-21 +57 78-90 +155
22-27 +68 91-103 +170
28-35 +80 104- + +190

Every character starts with 0 % aura, which is recorded on the character sheet. If / when a character resurrects the player adds the appropriate amount to their aura score.

Gaining Aura Back

For each game day a character plays they receive -1% of to their aura score
For each game day a player is in the cast they may apply -3% aura to any of their characters they choose.