General Magic

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General Magic

General Magic is best described as utility magic. Their spell selection is wide and varied and has many different usages. They have limited object based spells, some damage spells, some protective spells, some buffing spells and some planar traveling spells. The general magic spells are the basis for the pure magic user class. General magic spell users are incapable of casting transformation magic, summoning magic, aspect magic or dispelling magic from their spell list alone, Although any character may take up the studies of other magics if they are willing to take the time and effort (CCP’s) to learn.

Spell List

First Level Second Level Third Level Fourth Level Fifth Level
Alarm Accuracy Activate Magical Item Adhesion Air Sphere
Bind Spirit Activate General Magic Item Copy Spell Animate Magic Animate Lightning
Daze Bind Elemental Blade Annoying Poke Crumble
Detect General Magic Item Daylight Erase Bewilder Dark Sense
Detect Magic Hesitate Halt Person Blade Leap Dig
Detect Spirit Identify Spell Kashas Deadly Laughter Clarity Entrap
Fumble Immobility Knockout Detect Secret Door Grasping Hand
Harvest Component Immune to Spell X Minor Extend Freedom Knock
Intoxicate Interposing Hand Repair Armor Home Mild Extend
Light Invisible Armor Shield Magic Know Value Redirect Magic
Minimum Extend Read Other Spell Shield Mind Muffling Hand Silence
Pin Read Wizard Mark Stabilize Reflect Magic Sleep
Read General Magic Spell Restore Limb True Bearings Shun Stone Sleep
Repel Shatter Water Breathing Stone Skin Trip
Swim Temporal Strike Web Unpickable Lock Wall of Force

Sixth Level Seventh Level Eighth Level Ninth Level Tenth Level
Alter Beast After Clap Absorb Spell X Animate Stone 1st Circle Spell Denial
Animate Ice Animate Fire Animate Acid Create Living Metal Animate Object
Corpse Light Augment Battle Curse Create Weapon Animate Sonic
Create Living Wood Breach Defenses Blade of Disaster Defenselessness Cloak vs General
Decode Confusion Blackmantle Doom Cloak vs Magic
Disintegrate Contingency Dimensional Anchor Imprison Other Cloak vs Minimum
Encrypt Create Living Stone Disrupt Magic Imprison Self Dwarf Building Crew
Fear Crushing Hand Flesh to Stone Minimum Glyph Join with Astral Traveler
Improved Grasping Hand Dread Whisper Gaseous Form Moderate Extend Minor Glyph
Legal Thought Medium Extend Motion Spell Condition Planar Binding
Reflect Damage Pacify Recall Miscast Statue Teleport to Specific Location
Stone Drill Sustain Lightning Stone to Flesh Suppress Item Prepare Teleport Point
Sustain Magic Taunt Sustain Ice Suppress Magic Recharge General Item
Wizard Mark Weighty Chest Teleport Dead Sustain Fire Sustain Acid
Zephyr Wizard Lock Ward vs Spell X Swatting Hand Vanish