Healing Magic

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Healing Magic

Healing Magic is what is needed for when the combat is over and the healer is best suited for that. Their spells are designed to be able to fix any ailment and remedy any infliction. Their protective spell capabilities are beyond match. They also hold limited ability in planar situation or getting rid of nasty possession problems. Their spell lists also gives them the ability to resurrect creature bound to them.

Spell List

First Level Second Level Third Level Fourth Level Fifth Level
Bind Spirit Activate Healing Item Copy Spell Activate Magical Item Cure Disease
Cure Minimum Wound Cure Minor Wounds Cure Mild Wounds Clarity Cure Moderate Wounds
Detect Disease Dispel Healing Magic Level 2 Dispel Healing Magic Level 3 Cure Medium Wounds Dispel Healing Magic Level 5
Detect Spirit Dispel Other Magic Level 1 Dispel Other Magic Level 2 Commune with Spirit Dispel Other Magic Level 4
Detect Undead Elixir Shield Gaze Shield Dispel Healing Magic Level 4 Elemental Shield
Dispel Healing Magic Level 1 Immune to Spell X Halt Undead Dispel Other Magic Level 3 Inflict Medium to Undead
Fumble Minor Revenge Inflict Minor to Undead Freedom Life Knell
Inflict Minimum to Undead Minor Robust Mild Revenge Improved Strength Medium Robust
Light Read Other Spell Pain Inflict Mild to Undead Moderate Revenge
Minimum Revenge Rebuke Undead Remove Pain Medium Revenge Redirect Magic
Minimum Robust Restore Limb Shield Magic Mild Robust Remove Madness
Pass Monster Rid Weakness or Weakness Shield Mind Poison Shield Shield vs Acid
Read Healing Spell Shield vs Lightning Shield vs Ice Shield vs Fire Shield vs Chain
Shield vs Magic Shield vs Minor Shield vs Mild Shield vs Medium Shield vs Moderate
Shield vs Minimum Strength
Stop Monster Shield vs Spray
Strength Lesser

Will to Die

Sixth Level Seventh Level Eighth Level Ninth Level Tenth Level
Crumble Contingency Absorb Spell X Banish Aspect of Coatl
Cure Major Wounds Cure Massive Wounds Cure Mortal Wounds Cure Maximum Wounds Cloak vs Magic
Dispel Healing Magic Level 6 Dispel Healing Magic Level 7 Dispel Healing Magic Level 8 Death Cloak vs Minimum
Dispel Other Magic Level 5 Dispel Other Magic Level 6 Dispel Other Magic Level 7 Dispel Healing Magic Level 9 Dispel Healing Magic Level 10
Medium Robust Inflict Moderate to Undead Disrupt Magic Dispel Other Magic Level 8 Dispel Other Magic Level 9
Moderate Revenge Kelevors Grace Flesh to Stone Exorcise Enrage
Preserve Major Revenge Inflict Major to Undead Inflict Massive to Undead Heal
Reflect Magic Moderate Robust Massive Revenge Life Inflict Mortal to Undead
Purify Blood Pacify Major Robust Mortal Revenge Massive Robust
Remove Fear Purify Air Regenerate Read Aura Maximum Revenge
Sanctuary Recall Miscast Shield vs Mortal Spell Condition Planar Binding
Shield vs Major Reflect Damage Shield vs Sonic Summon Leeches Recharge Healing Magic Item
Shield vs Stone Suppress Metabolism Solidify Target Summon Sparrows Summon Gargoyle
Silence Teleport Dead Stone to Flesh Sunburst Summon Narwhale
Sleep Unparalysis Titans Strength Untouchable Transform to Imp