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Want to be a part of the cast?

To run an ULTRA event requires a lot of work. Logistics, a plot, a site, maintenance, safety, marshals, and a lot of organization… the list goes on and on. But None of this amounts to anything without a cast. You can build a beautiful theater with velvet curtains and props and masks and costumes and trapdoors in the floor and rigging in the wings for flying folks across the stage… you can even hire an award-winning playwright to supply the script… but without people to play those parts, you may as well have just built a parking garage. It would be a really nice parking garage with velvet curtains… but still just a parking garage.

Cast members are all those people who play the trolls storming the castle from the moors of Asphycia, the evil necromancer plotting to hoard all the world’s parakeet seed so only he has access to spells, the deranged hermit who will only talk via the stick he always whispers to when nobody is looking, the damsel in distress who turns out to be some pansy locked in a tower by his father who nearly kills your faithful sidekick, Patsy, with his plea for help that he has tied to an arrow and shot from the tower window… ahem, but I digress. These people are all cast members.

The cast members are usually chosen from the players at the event, but it’s even better when they volunteer. Just ask the event coordinators if there’s anything you can do to help. These people are usually good at getting help from folks who don’t even want to do it, so one who comes up asking for it is sure to be welcomed with open arms. When you feel comfortable with the system, this is another facet of it to explore. Believe us when we say it is definitely a different experience from the side of an NPC.

Advantages to being part of the cast:

  • After 4-6 hours of cast time, your character gets a full re-up.
  • You get chances to play races and classes with skills your player character (PC) hasn’t had a chance to get.
  • You earn extra points for your PC without the chance of dying.
  • Your Aura Percentage is reduced by 3 times the rate than if you had PCed.
  • You earn eternal gratitude from your plot coordinator.