Illusion Magic

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Illusion Magic

Illusion Magic is the making a person believe what is not there. An Illusionist is adept at indirectly affecting another’s mind by what the other creature may see or believe. Illusionists are the best at charms and suggestions and have the only spells that have gaze attacks. They also can prepare spells that are specifically designed for an area of effect illusion.

Spell List

First Level Second Level Third Level Fourth Level Fifth Level
Daze Activate Illusion Item Activate Magical Item Charm X Charm All
Detect Charm Bind Copy Spell Clarity Curse
Detect Illusion Daylight Dispel Illusion Magic Level 3 Deceive Detection Dispel Illusion Magic Level 5
Detect Illusion Item Detect Possession Dispel Other Magic Level 2 Dispel Illusion Magic Level 4 Dispel Other Magic Level 4
Detect Spirit Detect Shape Shifter Erase Dispel Other Magic Level 3 Entrap
Detect Suggestion Dispel Illusion Magic Level 2 Fear Gaze Daze Gaze Bind
Dispel Illusion Magic Level 1 Dispel Other Magic Level 1 Gaze Shield Gaze Friends Gaze Shun
Friends Dream Halt Person Gaze Fumble Medium Spectral Armor
Fumble Halt Person Kashas Deadly Laughter Gaze Repel Power Word Stun
Interposing Hand Hesitate Maze Hypnotize Redirect Magic
Light Immune to Spell X Mild Spectral Armor Magic Mouth Reflect Magic
Minimum Spectral Armor Invisible Armor Pain Muffling Hand Silence
Pass Person Minor Spectral Armor Shield Magic Reflect Gaze Sleep
Pin Read Other Spell Suggestion Shun Trip
Read Illusion Spell Read Suggestion Temporary Illusion Unpickable Lock Wall of Force
Repel Shield Mind Web

Sixth Level Seventh Level Eighth Level Ninth Level Tenth Level
Bewilder After Clap Absorb Spell X Contingency Aspect of Butterfly
Dispel Illusion Magic Level 6 Dispel Illusion Magic Level 7 Dispel Illusion Magic Level 8 Crushing Hand Aspect of Displacer Beast
Dispel Other Magic Level 5 Dispel Other Magic Level 6 Dispel Other Magic Level 7 Dispel Illusion Magic Level 9 Dispel Illusion Magic Level 10
Dread Whisper Gaze Charm X Enslave Dispel Other Magic Level 8 Dispel Other Magic Level 9
Feeble Mind Gaze Clarity Gaze Charm All Disrupt Magic Enrage
Gaze Deadly Laughter Gaze Fear Gaze Entrap Doom Gaze Pacify
Gaze Maze Gaze Hypnotize Gaze Power Word Stun Gaze Bewilder Gaze Possess
Gaze Pain Gaze Shun Gaze Silence Gaze Feeble Mind Gaze Unbalance
Gaze Suggestion Grasping Hand Gaze Sleep Gaze Uncontrollable Laughter Recharge Illusion Magic Item
Gaze Web Moderate Spectral Armor Major Spectral Armor Imprison Self Spell Condition
Gust of Wind Pacify Permanent Illusion Imprison Other Summon Ghost Horse
Illusion Possess Phantom Mount Mass Illusion Summon Darkness Golem
Reflect Damage Taunt Recall Miscast Massive Spectral Armor Terror
Uncontrollable Laughter Unbalance Swatting Hand Power Word Kill Transform to Dark Goblin
Wizard Mark Walls With No Doors Wraith Form Reoccurring Dream Transform to Shadow