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Welcome to the ULTRA LARP Wiki

We do have one important message for any that are part of, or going to be part of the ULTRA system. We hope that all of our current and future players will take this message to heart.

What is Live Action Roleplaying?

And now, on with the show!

Introduction to ULTRA
Creating a Character

Core Rules

For your ease, this section includes pretty much every page that consists of the Core Rules of ULTRA. Everything else is included in either a Spell system, spell, skill, or item subpage in the further sections.

However, we cannot possibly stress the importance of some of our general rules. Please review our most important rules several times. Even the most seasoned veterans of live action and roleplaying games can always benefit from a refresher.

Class List Class Chart
Race List Race Chart
Combat Non-Standard Effects
Roleplaying Honor System
Death & Dying Miscellaneous Rules
Disadvantages Interested in being part of the Cast?


Main Skill List

Magic & Psionics

The ULTRA spell systems are like nowhere else. They have the complexity of a befitting magic system, while still using a limited number of calls to make it understandable and usable in a live action system. It is greatly suggested that all players, whether spell casters or not, read this section. The Ultra universe has magic everywhere and it allow the game to proceed at a quicker and more adventurous pace if everyone is on the same page.

Introduction to Spells and Spell Books

In ULTRA, magic is divided into thirteen schools of magic.

General Magic
Illusion Magic
Planar Magic
Battle Magic
Lore Magic
Ritual Magic
Harmonic Magic
Nature Magic
Rune Magic
Healing Magic
Necromancy Magic
Time Magic

Items & Item Production

Armor Scrolls
Locks Traps
Potions Weapons