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Gentleman's Rule

This rule states that it is legal for a player to remove their character from any combat or role playing situation, with another player, they feel would cause an out of game problem. Any side effect upon their character that may be of a direct result of using the gentleman's rule is left up to a marshal or adjudicator.

Weapon Safety

Certain types of weapons have been deemed as unsafe and therefore are banned from play. These weapons are…

  1. Any weapon containing rope or rope-like parts. These would be morning stars, flails, nunchakus, nets, etc.
  2. Any weapon designed to capture other weapons. Examples of these would be man-catchers, pole glaives, lucerian hammers, etc.
  3. Wooden or fiberglass arrow shafts


ULTRA does not wish to offend any ones religious beliefs in any way. Ultra does allow strictly fictious religious role-playing. We ask that any referances to religious views that are based in an Out-Of-Game religion, past or present be avioded in role-play in ULTRA.


Smoking was part of the eras of the renaissance period and is allowed In-game, Although Ultra will enforce that person below the state mandated minimum age for cigarettes are not allowed to smoke. ULTRA also ask players who smoke to take the responsibility of making sure that any associated trash is properly disposed of (field strip and hold butts until placed in appropriate receptacle).

Smoking is therefore considered an In-game activity. Smoking will not prevent any In-game activity and players are not able to remove themselves from play for the purpose of smoking.

Most camps have regulations about smoking in designated areas, which supersede any ULTRA policy on smoking. Players who smoke are asked to inquire at logistic about what the rules for the event concerning smoking are in place for the event.


Alcohol is not permitted on any ULTRA event or site. Breaking of this rule will result in automatic expulsion from the event. This includes arriving at an ULTRA event under the effects of alcohol. There are NO EXCUSES, NO WARNINGS, and NO EXCEPTIONS. Due to insurance regulations this policy will not change.


Drugs are not allowed upon any ULTRA site without a supporting prescription from a medical professional. Any infraction of this rule will result in permanent expulsion for the ULTRA system and will be reported to local law enforcement agencies with the sincerest hope of prosecution to the fullest extent of the law. Also NO EXCUSES, NO WARNINGS, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Marshal/Cabin Notes

In ULTRA marshal notes are required for all cabins or structures. Players are not allowed to enter another player’s cabin with out a marshal present. Players are also not allowed to read any marshal notes that might be upon the cabin or structure they are entering or staying in. the effects that are generally listed on the marshal notes are, but not limited to

  1. Magical effects that are upon cabin or structure
  2. Traps on or in the building
  3. A general notes section
  4. Hidden circles or portals

Object Tags

In ULTRA there are many effects that can be added to normal items ( Rune, Ritual and other object based effects ). These items must be tagged to have an effect in play. Any of these effects a player wishes to perform requires a marshal to tag the item and is not considered cast until the proper tag can be filled out. If the marshal remains present then the tag need not be affixed to the item, Otherwise the tag must be in a reasonably visible area. These tags are considered to be out of game and reading the tag will make you applicable to the effect stated on the tag. Once again the honor system comes in to play, if a player sees a tags, a good way is to honestly ask your self what your character would do if they didn’t know the tag was there, and then role play accordingly.

Armor Rating System

Costume 5 armor points
Padded 10 armor points
Leather 15 armor points
Banded 20 armor points
Chain 25 armor points
Plate 30 armor points

Bonuses (does not apply to just costuming)

  • -5 for light (covers less than 50% of target areas)
  • +5 for standard (covers 50%-75% of target areas)
  • +10 for heavy (covers 75% and over of target areas)
  • +5 for non-metal headgear
  • +10 for metal headgear

Target areas are defined as complete area of torso, legs and arms

Refitting Armor

Armor refitting is defined as returning a suit of armor to the point value the suit was originally smelted to. This can only be done by the fighter, warrior, paladin, mercenary, buccaneer, medic, henchman, cavalier, slayer and reaver classes.

The time for each class to do this and how effective each class can be is located in the class section in each classes description.


Spells Skills M Damage System Amount
Web Pain Touch Minimum 5
Charm Eagle Claw Minor 10
Root Stunning Blow Mild 15
Entrap Crouching Mantis Medium 20
Death First Aid Moderate 25
Venom Evade Major 30
Rot Massive 35
Paralysis Mortal 40
Nausea Maximum 45
Weapon Calls Protective Calls Damage Types Amount
Normal Physical Resist Magic 5
Silver Flash “Deflect Magic” Lightning 10
Magic Flash “Poison Shield” Ice 15
Temporal Flash “Invisible Armor” Fire 20
~Metal Type~ Cloak vs. “--------“ Acid 25
Spell Strike Bone vs. “--------“ Stone 30
~Spell~ Revenge Sonic 35
Flash Immunity

Beyond Level 10

As you browse through this Wiki and the rules, you may notice references to Skills and Spells that are not listed on the pages here. This is deliberate. All Skills and Spells that are part of the Core system are listed with full descriptions up to Level 10. However, all Skills and Spells actually go to Level 20.

This fact will remain non-negotiable. Skills and Spells above level 10 are not considered to be common knowledge. if a Player has a Character that has achieved level 7 or higher in a particular Skill or Spell system, Logistics and Plot can release additional information about what is beyond level 10, to that person only. This information is not to be considered public knowledge and will never be publicly posted on the internet, in the physical copies of the rulebook, or on this wiki.

The Staff of ULTRA does not feel that a game system where a player knows absolutely everything out there is a good and viable system. The mystery is lost. If a player wants to discover information about above 10th level Spells, Skills and Abilities they either need to gain it for themselves or find out in game and then hope it is true.

We ask all players and staff members that have information concerning above level 10 knowledge to keep it to themselves and not post it anywhere on the internet or in a public forum. You may of course talk about it privately, and in an in-game format. Rumors abound in and out of game, and we have no problems with this. But unless a player recieves it from a staff member directly it should be considered rumor only.

ULTRA reserves the right to change anything above 10th level for any reason at any time.

Additional Suggestions for showing up to an ULTRA Game

When you come to an ULTRA game, there are a few things that you will need to bring. Here is a list of things you will need:

  1. Costuming and armor. (Very essential to the atmosphere of the game, think about what you will do if it rains. You might want a change of costuming or just an extra pair of boots, socks, and underwear.)
  2. Weapons and spell packets.
  3. Necessary toiletries. (Soap, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, towel, shower shoes, etc.)
  4. Sleep gear. (Remember where you will be sleeping and what time of year it is and prepare accordingly)
  5. Medical release form and required paperwork.
  6. Money. For admission and for food. (There will be a working tavern open)
  7. Materials to Repair your costumes and weapons (Duct tape, foam, sewing kit, etc.)
  8. Props, decorations for your cabin, and any necessary adventuring gear. (Bandages for First Aid, light sticks for Light spell.)
  9. Trash Bags. (To clean up after yourselves in your cabins and in the woods.)