Nature Magic

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Nature Magic

Nature Magic is the magic of the outdoors. The herbalist class is the class that has the easiest mastery of this school and their spell lists have been tailored to be the most effective when outdoors. Nature magic is unique for it represents the forces of both life and death and this is reflected in their choice of spells. Having limited healing, rot spells and limited protective spells gives the herbalist advantages in most situations.

Spell List

First Level Second Level Third Level Fourth Level Fifth Level
Bind Spirit Activate Nature Item Activate Magical Item Arachnophobia Animal Nonaggression
Bloom Animal Empathy Commune with Nature Level 3 Charm Animal Cleanse Water
Commune with Nature Level 1 Animal Sanctuary Copy Spell Clarity Commune with Nature Level 5
Daze Commune with Nature Level 2 Dispel Nature Magic Level 3 Commune with Nature Level 4 Curse
Detect Nature Item Cure Minimum Wounds Dispel Other Magic Level 2 Cure Minor Wounds Dig
Detect Poison Daylight Erase Defoliate Dispel Nature Magic Level 5
Detect Snare Detect Shape Shifter Halt Animal Disarm Snare Dispel Other Magic Level 4
Detect Spirit Dispel Nature Magic Level 2 Heal Plant Form Dispel Nature Magic Level 4 Entrap
Dispel Nature Magic Level 1 Dispel Other Magic Level 1 Improved Strength Dispel Other Magic Level 3 Moderate Rot
Intoxicate Heal Animal Form Mild Rot Earth Glue Pass Web
Lesser Strength Identify Poisons Pass Plant Gift of Speech Reflect Magic
Light Immune to Spell X Pass Without Trace Halt Plant Silence
Minimum Rot Invisible Armor Shield Magic Medium Rot Sleep
Read Nature Spell Minor Rot Speak with Animal Repair Armor Slow Poison
Root Pass Plant Web Water Breathing Trip
Swim Read Other Spell

Sixth Level Seventh Level Eighth Level Ninth Level Tenth Level
Animal Guardian Charm Plant Absorb Spell X Calm Water Aspect of Moose
Calm Wind Commune with Nature Level 7 Cocoon of Stone Commune with Nature Level 9 Claws of the Bear
Commune with Nature Level 6 Corrode Commune with Nature Level 8 Contingency Commune with Nature Level 10
Cure Mild Wounds Delouse Area Cure Medium Wound Curse of Lycanthropy Rat Create Magical Poison
Dispel Nature Magic Level 6 Dispel Nature Magic Level 7 Dispel Nature Magic Level 8 Death Cure Moderate Wounds
Dispel Other Magic Level 5 Dispel Other Magic Level 6 Dispel Other Magic Level 7 Dispel Nature Magic Level 9 Curse of Lythancropy Bat
Enchant Animal Dissipate Vapor Disrupt Magic Dispel Other Magic Level 8 Dispel Nature Magic Level 10
Greater Strength Heal Tree Form Enhance Animal Enhance Plant Dispel Other Magic Level 9
Gust of Wind Lions Claws Entangle Infestation Evolve
Major Rot Massive Rot Mortal Rot False Path Exterminate
Poison Blood Neutralize Poison Paralysis Life Plant Meld
Reflect Damage Purify Air Recall Miscast Locate Remains Recharge Nature Magic Item
Speak with Plants Preserve Reverse Shape Change Maximum Rot Spell Condition
Water Form Serpent Weapon Titans Strength Meld With Tree Summon Bees

Suppress Lycanthrope Unparalysis
Transform to Owl