Necromancy Magic

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Necromancy Magic

Necromancy is the magic of dying and decay. A necromancer, being the master of this school, has the capabilities of twisting anything to accomplish that goal. A necromancer is also the best class associated with undead and their spell list reflects this. Combined with rot spells, vampires touch spells and infliction spells a necromancer also has the capability to be effective in combat situations.

Spell List

First Level Second Level Third Level Fourth Level Fifth Level
Daze Activate Necromantic Magic Item Activate Magical item Agitate Wound Commune with Spirit
Detect Disease Control Undead Bind Clarity Death Knell
Detect Necromantic Item Dispel Necromancy Magic Level 2 Copy Spell Dispel Necromancy Magic Level 4 Dispel Necromancy Magic Level 5
Dispel Necromancy Magic Level 1 Dispel Other Magic Level 1 Delay Poison Dispel Other Magic Level 3 Dispel Other Magic Level 4
Detect Spirit Heal Minor to Undead Dispel Necromancy Magic Level 3 Disguise Undead Heal Moderate to Undead
Detect Undead Identify Undead Dispel Other Magic Level 2 Fear Inflict Disease
Fumble Immune To Spell X Heal Mild to Undead Heal Medium to Undead Inflict Moderate Damage
Heal Minimum to Undead Minor Revenge Inflict Mild Inflict Medium Madness
Inflict Minimum Nausea Mild Revenge Medium Revenge Mild Rot
Minimum Revenge Read Other Spell Minimum Vampire Touch Minor Rot Minor Vampire Touch
Minimum Rot Shield vs Lightning Pain Shield vs Fire Moderate Revenge
Pass Undead Shield vs Minor Shield Magic Shield vs Medium Shield vs Acid
Read Necromantic Spell Speak with Undead Shield vs Ice Shun Shield vs Massive
Shield vs Magic Weakness Shield vs Mild Stop Poison Trip
Shield vs Minimum Wither Limb Speak with Dead Web Wither Limbs

Spoil Food and Drink

Sixth Level Seventh Level Eighth Level Ninth Level Tenth Level
Asphyxiate Choke Absorb Spell X Corpse Light Aspect of Skeleton
Create Undead Lesser Contingency Augment Undead Death Aspect of Zombie
Crumble Curse of the Mummy Blackmantle Dispel Necromancy Magic Level 9 Degenerate
Desecrate Dispel Necromancy Magic Level 7 Create Undead Dispel Other Magic Level 8 Dispel Necromancy Magic Level 10
Dispel Necromancy Magic Level 6 Dispel Other Magic Level 6 Dispel Necromancy Magic Level 8 Doom Dispel Other Magic Level 9
Dispel Other Magic Level 5 Flesh Hunger Dispel Other Magic Level 7 Dread Whisper Drain Life
Gaze Reflection Imbue Undead with Spell Disrupt Magic Exorcise Enrage
Heal Mortal to Undead Inflict Massive Inflict Mortal Inflict Maximum Imbue Undead with Ability
Inflict Major Damage Massive Revenge Mortal Revenge Maximum Revenge Moderate Rot
Major Revenge Medium Rot Recall Miscast Medium Vampire Touch Recharge Necromantic Magic Item
Poison Blood Mild Vampire Touch Spirit Wrack Read Aura Summon Bat
Reflect Magic Pacify Suffocate Spell Condition Summon Rat
Shield vs Chain Paralysis Suppress Metabolism Summon Insects Transform to Bat
Silence Reflect Damage Turnings Bane Teleport Dead Transform to Rat
Sleep Regenerate Undead Undead Sight Wretch Zombiefy

Undead Mount Venom