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Non-standard effects

ULTRA was designed to have the most creative environment possible for role playing and if the term “non-standard effect” must be used it should be embraced by the system to support such an environment. With this in mind, ULTRA does not have a rule stating that a player may chose to remove their character from play due to a non-standard effect.

ULTRA never wishes to have any event where plot may become stagnant due to plot coordinators only being able to employ a standard range of options. ULTRA was designed as to not fall into the trap of “cookie cutter” events (every event looking exactly the same). ULTRA feels that if a player knows everything exactly as it is going to happen it reduces the entire effect of the ULTRA experience and knowing the exact outcome of the situations defeats the purpose of playing it.

Standardization of the rule system is fine and actually a good concept for the reason of players being capable of easily understanding the rules. Standardization in respect to plot is an entirely different issue. To an experienced role player, this can spell out boredom.

ULTRA does realize that for a player to have the most exciting and best role playing action/adventure possible that any effect must be well understood and well explained, whether standard or not.

Illusion Implementation System

The Illusion system is another aspect of the ULTRA system that separate this system from other role playing systems. The Illusion system is best left as a collaboration between the player and the marshal officiating the illusion.

Any Player who wishes to cast a non standard Illusion must supply all physical representations and the time to set up the physical representations is considered to be part of the casting of the Illusion spell. The easiest Illusion to cast are Illusion that closely resemble the surroundings chosen for the particular Illusion. Great care and thought needs to be exercised in the implementation of Illusion. Factors about playability for all players and not calling holds to accomplish an illusionary effect need to be considered before an Illusion is attempted.

Player are encouraged to use their imagination when considering the use of these effect.

Spell and Ritual Creation

The ULTRA system strives to be a living, breathing game that is capable of changing for the enjoyment of all who play it. In an effort to realize this, we encourage the players to create their own spells and rituals as long as they conform to the following guidelines.

  • Spells must be usable within the game system.
  • Spells must have Sample Incantations, durations, level spheres and in-game names.
  • Spells must have specific components.
  • A written description of each spell must be provided including the in-game effect.
  • It must be well-balanced verses its power and level.
  • Spells must be role-playable by everyone and not directly cause any out-of-game holds.
  • All spell ritual submissions are to be approved by the administration and become the property of the ULTRA system (Copyright © Ultra, Inc. 2003).

Spell types that would be categorically denied include:

  • Invisibility Effects: Not role-playable.
  • Truth Effects:Not role-playable… what is truth anyway?
  • The “I am now immune to everything” Spell: Not role-playable by everyone.
  • Time Effecting Spells:Not usable in the system.
  • The Spell “Slay any character played by A.P. (Sluggo):Not playable in the system and just plain wrong.

Transforming aspects have been written into the system for this specific purpose. Aspects gain minor spell-like benefits having to deal with whatever aspect it is they have. The players choose advantages and disadvantages. Example:Aspect of Unicorn:+20 body and able to move as phantom steed / Double damage from necromancy and must rest for 10 Minutes after expiration.

Transforms are the same as aspects but have stronger advantages and disadvantages. Example:Transform to Unicorn:+ 40 body, magic or better to-hit, dispel necromancy level 20 by horn three times per day / Double damage from necromancy, +5 to aura when it is dispelled, life spell needed after transform ends.

Players are encourages to display Personal creativity when creating spells or rituals. New spells that stress role-playing facets of the game are also greatly encouraged.