Planar Magic

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Planar Magic

Planar is the magic of the elemental planes and the planes beyond. Although this type of magic currently doesn’t have a known mastery class, a majority of the creatures from place not of Anthesis are greatly adapted to this type of magic. Also included in this sphere is dimensional magic.

Spell List

First Level Second Level Third Level Fourth Level Fifth Level
Bind Spirit Activate Planar Magic Item Activate Magical Item Animate Magic Animate Lightning
Daze Bind Deceive Detection Bewilder Carrier Attack
Detect Component Bind Plane Dispel Other Magic Level 2 Bind Creature Disguise
Detect Current Plane Dispel Other Magic Level 1 Dispel Planar Magic Level 3 Destroy Dispel Other Magic Level 4
Detect Magic Dispel Planar Magic Level 2 Elemental Shield Dispel Other Magic Level 3 Dispel Planar Magic Level 5
Detect Planar Item Halt Elemental Empathy Dispel Planar Magic Level 4 Enslave Elemental
Detect Possession Identify Magic Fear Gift of Speech Phase 2nd Level Spell
Detect School Identify Plane Identify Component Map Planar Escape Power Word Stun
Dispel Planar Magic Level 1 Immune to Spell X Identify School Muffling Hand Redirect Magic
Harvest Component Interposing Hand One Step Planar Asylum Phase 1st Level Spell Steal Skill
Light Invisible Armor Shield Magic Reflect Magic Suppress Rift
Pass Elemental Read Other Spell Shield Mind Shun Swatting Hand
Pin Remove Fear Sustain Ice Stone Skin Three Step Planar Asylum
Repel Shatter Temporal Strike Sustain Magic Item Charge Tongues
Sustain Magic Sustain Lightning Web Two Step Planar Asylum Wall of Force

Sixth Level Seventh Level Eighth Level Ninth Level Tenth Level
Absorb Spell X Air Sphere Banish Contact Three Step Plane Barricade Gate
Animate Ice Alter Beast Contact Two Step Plane Create Cage Of Containment Contact Four Step Plane
Confine Breach Defenses Create Mild Planar Blast Create Medium Planar Blast Create Moderate Planar Blast
Create Minimum Planar Blast Close or Open Current Rift Crushing Hand Dispel Other Magic Level 8 Create Planar Minion Level 1
Degenerate Contact One Step Plane Dimensional Anchor Dispel Planar Magic Level 9 Create Extradimensional Pocket
Dispel Other Magic Level 5 Contingency Dispel Other Magic Level 7 Identify Dimension Dispel Other Magic Level 9
Dispel Planar Magic Level 6 Create Minor Planar Blast Dispel Planar Magic Level 8 Imprison Other Dispel Planar Magic Level 10
Four Step Planar Asylum Dispel Other Magic Level 6 Hold Portal Open Instill Extra Space Eight Step Planar Asylum
Grasping Hand Dispel Planar Magic Level 7 Imprison Self Mild Rift Bomb Medium Rift Bomb
Identify Rift Five Step Planar Asylum Minor Rift Bomb Phase 6th Level Spell Phase 7th Level Spell
Maze Immune to Creature X Phase 5th Level Spell Planar Charge Planar Displace
Phase 3rd Level Spell Minimum Rift Bomb Reopen Rift Power Word Kill Summon Lightning Bug
Planar Barrier Phase 4th Level Spell Return Corpse Seven Step Planar Asylum Summon Fay Spider
Reflect Damage Planar Mark Six Step Planar Asylum Spell Condition Transform To Battle Thrull
Regenerate Ward vs Rifting True Seeing Summon Messenger Transform To Disenchanter