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Psionic Magic is the magic of force of will. The psionist uses his "mana" (Psionic Strength Points) to focus his own mind to affect the world around him. Due to this, the psionist disciplines are far more difficult to defend against than any other magic. With limited healing to them selves only the psionist class offers a difference that the other spell classes do not. Psionic "Spells" are not considered similar to the other 12 schools of magic, and are refered to as "Disciplines" rather than spells. Regardless of this, Psionics and the Psionic Disciplines are classified with the rest of the Magic systems as it's own School of Magic.

Psionics is obtained by purchasing Psionic Disciplines.

Discipline List

First Level Second Level Third Level Fourth Level Fifth Level
Detect Illusion Activate Psionic Item Animal Empathy Clarity Displacement Level 5
Detect Possession Detect Suggestion Call Weapon Climb Heal Minor to Others
Detect Psionic Individual Displacement Level 2 Detect Influenced Memory Detect Scrying Heal Moderate to Self
Detect Psionic Item Dream Displacement Level 3 Displacement Level 4 Link to Animal
Detect Undead Heal Minor to Self Dread Heal Medium to Self Minimum Psychic Curse
Displacement Level 1 Hypnotize Empathy Medium Psionic Strength Blight Minor Psionic Blast
Heal Minimum to Self Implant Psionic Message Heal Mild to Self Medium Psionic Backlash Moderate Psionic Backlash
Minimum Psionic Strenth Blight Minor Psionic Backlash Heal Minimum to Others Minimum Psionic Blast Moderate Psionic Strength Blight
Minimum Psionic Backlash Minor Psionic Strength Blight Mild Psionic Backlash Minimum Psychic Vampire Negate Level 5 Psionic Effect
Negate Level 1 Psionic Effect Negate Level 2 Psionic Effect Mild Psionic Strength Blight Negate Level 4 Psionic Effect Precognition Level 5
Precognition Level 1 Precognition Level 2 Negate Level 3 Psionic Effect Precognition Level 4 Psionic Aversion
Psionic Bind Spirit Read Emotion Precognition Level 3 Psionic Panic Psionic Charm
Psionic Daze Read Psionic Message Psionic Fear Read Suggestion Psionic Pain
Psionic Fumble Shield Mind Psionic Suggestion Shun Psionic Shun
Repel Speak with Spirit Telepathy Speak with Intelligent Being Psionic Suggestion

Sixth Level Seventh Level Eighth Level Ninth Level Tenth Level
Death Link Coma Absorb Psionic Displacement Level 9 Calm
Displacement Level 6 Displacement Level 7 Displacement Level 8 Fatal Attraction Delve History
Heal Major to Self Heal Massive to Self Hallucinate Heal Maximum to Self Displacement Level 10
Major Psionic Backlash Heal Mild to Others Heal Mortal to Self Heal Medium to Others Heal All to Self
Major Psionic Strength Blight Massive Psionic Backlash Heart Call Maximum Psionic Strength Blight Medium Psychic Curse
Minor Psychic Vampire Massive Psionic Strength Blight Lesser Memory Alteration Maximum Psionic Backlash Moderate Psionic Blast
Negate Level 6 Psionic Effect Mild Psionic Blast Medium Psionic Blast Medium Psychic Vampire Negate Level 10 Psionic Effect
Precognition Level 6 Mild Psychic Vampire Mild Psychic Curse Mind Ward Precognition Level 10
Psionic Enrage Minor Psychic Curse Mortal Psionic Strength Blight Negate Level 9 Psionic Effect Reduce Minimum
Psionic Maze Negate Level 7 Psionic Effect Mortal Psionic Backlash Obfuscate Sense Spirit
Psionic Possession Precognition Level 7 Negate Level 8 Psionic Effect Obliviousness Slavery
Psionic Scry Psionic Dominate Precognition Level 8 Precognition Level 9 Spiritwrack
Psionic Sleep Psionic Feeblemind Psionic Lose Item Psionic Death Summon Brain Beast
Psionic Stun Suppress Disadvantage Psionic Paralysis Psionic Hypnosis Summon Brood
Reflect Psionic Unlock Trace Teleport Psionic Pacify Telepathic Projection