Rune Magic

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Rune Magic

Rune Magic is the magic of pictures. These pictures can be in the form of tattoos, glyphs or drawings. The wizard class is the most adept in this art and have great capability in protective spells, buffing spells and warding spells. Although in combat a wizard is only effective if they have had time to prepare, if given that time, wizards can be great assets to almost any situation. This is one of the few magical schools that do not require literacy.

Spell List

First Level Second Level Third Level Fourth Level Fifth Level
1st Level Battle Magic Glyph 2nd Level Battle Magic Glyph 3rd Level Battle Magic Glyph 4th Level Battle Magic Glyph 5th Level Battle Magic Glyph
1st Level Nature Glyph 2nd Level Nature Glyph 3rd Level Nature Glyph 4th Level Nature Glyph 5th Level Nature Glyph
Alarm Accuracy Activate Magical Item Adhesion Air Sphere
Bind Spirit Activate Rune Magic Item Change Rune Activation Animate Magic Animate Lightning
Control Rune Level 1 Control Rune Level 2 Control Rune Level 3 Control Rune Level 4 Control Rune Level 5
Dispel Rune Magic Level 1 Daylight Copy Rune Create Minimum Seal Create Minor Seal
Dream Rune Dispel Other Magic Level 1 Dispel Other Magic Level 2 Dispel Other Magic Level 3 Crumble
Light Dispel Rune Magic Level 2 Dispel Rune Magic Level 3 Dispel Rune Magic Level 4 Dispel Other Magic Level 4
Protection vs Lycanthropy Immobility Erase Protection from Missiles Dispel Rune Magic Level 5
Read Rune Immune to Spell X Knockout Reflect Magic Identify Rune
Rune of Intoxication Invisible Armor Repair Armor Rune of Medium Shielding Knock
Rune of Magic Mouth Protection vs Undead Rune of Mild Shielding Rune of Minimum robust Protection vs Alchemy
Rune of Minimum Shielding Rune of Minor Shielding Shield Magic Rune of Music Rune of Minor Robust
Rune of Repelling Sustain Lightning Sustain Ice Rune of Purification Rune of Moderate Shielding
Sustain Magic Temporal Strike True Bearings Sustain Fire Rune of The Disaster Blade
Weapon of Light Tongues Water Breathing
Sustain Acid

Sixth Level Seventh Level Eighth Level Ninth Level Tenth Level
6th Level Battle Magic Glyph 7th Level Battle Magic Glyph 8th Level Battle Magic Glyph 9th Level Battle Magic Glyph 10th Level Battle Magic Glyph
6th Level Nature Glyph 7th Level Nature Glyph 8th Level Nature Glyph 9th Level Nature Glyph 10th Level Nature Glyph
Animate Ice Animate Fire Absorb Spell X Animate Stone 1st Level Spell X Denial
Control Rune Level 6 Control Rune Level 7 Animate Acid Control Rune Level 9 Animate Sonic
Create Mild Seal Create Medium Seal Conditional Rune Create Major Seal Circle of Containment Animal
Dispel Other Magic Level 5 Dispel Other Magic Level 6 Control Rune Level 8 Dispel Other Magic Level 8 Control Rune Level 10
Dispel Rune Magic Level 6 Dispel Rune Magic Level 7 Create Moderate Seal Dispel Rune Magic Level 9 Create Massive Seal
Protection From Elementals Pacify Dimensional Anchor Imprison Dispel Other Magic Level 9
Reflect Damage Rune of Charm Dispel Other Magic Level 7 Moon Rune Dispel Rune Magic Level 10
Rune of Darkvision Rune of Disguise Dispel Rune Magic Level 8 Rune of Exorcism Enchant Object Lvl 1 and 2
Rune of Major Shielding Rune of Massive Shielding Glyph of Spell Warding Rune of Life Indestructibility
Rune of Mild Robust Rune of Medium Robust Rune of Moderate Robust Rune of Major Robust Recharge Rune Magic Item
Sustain Stone Rune of Nondetection Rune of Mortal Shielding Rune of Maximum Shielding Rune of Massive Robust
Whispering Sand Sustain Sonic Suppress Magic Rune of Status Rune of Teleportation
Wizard Mark Weighty Chest Whispering Tide Rune of Suppression Sunscream