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Scrolls may be used by casters to cast spells without utilizing their own mana, to cast spells they may not have in their spellbook, or to copy spells they do not have into their own spellbook. A caster must have the appropriate school of magic and level to cast or copy a spell from a scroll (unless certain spells are used, as stated in the spell description).

To create a scroll, the Scribe Scroll skill and the following steps are used:

  1. Pick scroll desired, note Base Cost (or Spell Level)
  2. If you wish to add Special Properties that have a cost of ADDING Creation Points, add these points FIRST to the Base Cost of the Scroll.
  3. If you wish to add Special Properties that have a cost of MULTIPLYING the Cost, ADD all your multipliers together, then multiply by the total cost listed in the step above.
Scrolls Special Properties List
1 Staged Add 5 Creation Points per extra spell (+5)
2 Booby Trapped Add Five creation points (+5)
3 Unshatterable Multiply by three (X3)
4 Multiple usage Multiply By one and a half (X1.5) round up
5 Expiration Multiply By two (X2)
6 Extra slots Multiply By one and a half (X1.5) round up

  1. STAGED – When Staged a scroll may have different spells on it, rather than a single spell. The spells may be of different levels and schools. The caster using the scroll later may cast any of the spells on the scroll in any order, and it is not required to cast them all at the same time.
  2. BOOBY TRAPPED – This effect will cause the scroll to burst into flames (and be destroyed) on any attempt to cast or copy a spell from the scroll. 10 point Fire damage, 5 foot radius. A full identification will reveal the Booby Trap, but simply reading the scroll to identify the spells on it will not reveal the trap or trigger it.
  3. UNSHATTERABLE – this will make a scroll immune to the effect of any shattering or destroy based effect.
  4. MULTIPLE USAGES – This will allow each spell on the scroll to be cast multiple times depending on how many times this is purchased. By default, if not purchased, this is once per spell. When the final usage (copy or cast) of a spell is performed, that spell disappears off the scroll, although if Staged is used, other spells may remain.
  5. EXPIRATION – All scrolls have a duration of 3 days or until used unless an expiration is used when created. For every usage of expiration used the potion/poison will be raised to the next level beyond what the original description states in the following order - one year ~ two years ~ four years ~ so on…so on….so on….
  6. EXTRA SLOTS – unless otherwise stated in the scroll description, a scroll upon creation may only have one of the special scroll properties list active upon that scroll. Extra slots are required to add any effect from this previous list once for every time the extra slot price is paid. The extra slot effect does not ever need an extra slot for itself.