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Traps are either the nastiest items one could run into, or the most fun. Depends on your perspective, I guess. The Disarm Trap skill gives a character the capability to attempt to Disarm a trap once it is set. The Set Trap Skill and the Extra Setting also allow for both Arming and attempts at Disarming Traps. Without one of these skills, interfering with a trap in any attempt to disarm it will automatically trigger a trap. If a Marshal is not present (Players that set traps in their personal areas, or have knowledge of the trap may self marshal in those cases) and it is suspected that an attempt was made to disarm a trap, a Marshal may rule that the effects or damage is now Arcane in nature.

Traps must be physically represented by some sort of item, in addition to a trigger mechanism and notification mechanism (noisemaker, mousetrap, buzzer) of some kind. The Player creating or setting the trap MUST provide these physical representations.

Any attempt at disarming a trap must not involve the destruction of the trigger, motification mechanism, or physical representation beyond accidents. If the device and trigger may be repaired by a Marshal in less than 5 minutes with no tools or special expertise, it is not considered "destroying" and the disarm may be successful. Any action that does not result in out of game destruction of the physical representations and prevents the notification from going off is considered successful.

Creating traps is done by using the Setting Traps Skill and performing the following list:

  1. Pick trap desired, note Base Cost.
  2. If you wish to add Special Properties that have a cost of ADDING Creation Points, add these points FIRST to the Base Cost of the Trap
  3. If you wish to add Special Properties that have a cost of MULTIPLYING the Cost, ADD all your multipliers together, then multiply by the total cost listed in the step above.
Traps Special Properties List
1 Staged Multiply by two (X2)
2 Delayed Activation Add two Creation points (+2)
3 Arcane Damage Multiply By two (X2)
4 Booby Trapped Add Five creation points (+5)
5 Unshatterable Multiply by two (X2)
6 Radius - 10 Feet Multiply by two (X2)
6 Radius - 15 Feet Multiply by three (X3)
7 Multiple usage Multiply By one and a half (X1.5) round up
8 Resettable Multiply By three (X3)
9 Expiration Multiply By two (X2)
10 Extra slots Multiply by two (X2)
11 Mobile Multiply by two (X2)
12 Undisarmable Multiply by three (X3)
  1. STAGED – This trap addition will allow the setter to determine what order a series of traps will become active. Only the first trap in the series needs to be staged to determine the order of the rest of the traps that follow.
  2. DELAYED ACTIVATION – This trap addition will add 15 minutes per addition to when the trap will become active once tripped.
  3. ARCANE DAMAGE – The damage from this trap addition is Arcane in nature and may not be blocked by an skill or spell defense.
  4. BOOBY TRAPS – This trap addition will automatically become active if the trap is attempted to be disarmed.
  5. UNSHATTERABLE – This trap is immune to effects of any shatter spell or shatter like ability.
  6. RADIUS – Traps without addition have a 5 foot radius this addition will multiply the radius by 2 or 3 depending on how many times this additions is used.
  7. MULTIPLE USAGES – This trap can be used as many times as this addition has been purchased.
  8. RESETTABLE – this trap addition will allow the trap to be reused
  9. EXPIRATION – All traps have a duration of 3 days or until used unless an expiration is used when created. For every usage of expiration used the trap will be raised to the next level beyond what the original description states in the following order one year ~ two years ~ four years ~ so on…so on….so on….
  10. EXTRA SLOTS unless otherwise stated in the trap description, a trap upon creation may only have one of the special trap properties list active upon that trap. Extra slots are required to add any effect from this previous list once for every time the extra slot price is paid. The extra slot effect does not ever need an extra slot for itself.
  11. MOBILE – This trap addition will allow the trap to be move more than 5 feet once the trap is set. If a character receives any damage while moving a trap then the trap becomes active immediately and the effect that is associated with the trap becoming active is arcane in damage type and unblock able for the mover of the trap only.
  12. UNDISARMABLE – The trap with this addition may not be disarmed. Any attempts to disarm except by the Character that set it will automatically set it off.